Transcript FullScript Commentator Be Found. Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Touched. Interviewer So, tell me about FullScript John Baker, FullScript FullScript's the way to make your online audio and video really rich. You can be found more easily in search, and when you are found, your audience is more engaged and satisfied. So it's great for Media Broadcasting, Corporates, podcasting, and News. Interviewer How does that help over traditional media? John Baker, FullScript Well, you get a larger, more engaged audience. Your audience can search the media and engage with the content, so they remember it more. So you're differentiating your message. Interviewer So how is this affordable for mainstream publishing? John Baker, FullScript We've developed powerful tools for production and publishing. FullScript streamlines the process, so it's easy & practical, so you multiply your message for a fraction of the cost of mainstream media publishing. Interviewer And what's the next step? John Baker, FullScript Please contact us for a free demo. FullScript Commentator Thank you for experiencing FullScript Copyright 2010 FullScript.